Where to travel in 2021? We bring you the top 5 travel destinations.

Where to travel in 2021? We bring you the top 5 travel destinations.

After a long year of closed borders and social distance, we are more than ready to get our suitcases and get going, especially now when more and more countries are opening their borders.

However, to have a vacation that can be totally worth the one year wait, you need to choose the best destination considering the covid travel requirements taking place, that’s why Maison Maj brings you only the best destinations to choose from, not even mentioning we will take care of the whole planning and booking process in case you are ready to take that vacations you were longing for.

Please join us through a brief description of the top 5 places to visit:

  1. Kenya

Our absolute top 1 has to be Kenya, its landscapes are the true definition of nature and outdoors, which makes it more appealing during covid times. 

When it comes to wildlife and nature, the best places are located in the continent of Africa, in this case, the top safari destination is in Kenya, specifically, the Maasai Mara National Reserve, where you will have right in front of your eyes no less than the big five animals of Africa, prepare to see lions, elephants, buffalo, rhinoceros and leopard in their natural environment. This unique safari is home to the great wildebeest migration, once a year, between July and September, hundreds of thousands of wildebeest, zebra and antelope will arrive into the Maasai Mara, an incredible and memorable experience to witness.

  1. Morocco 

This top destination offers no less than the wide-open Sahara desert where you will even have the opportunity to spend the night in a traditional camp, sleeping under the North Africa stars. 

You will also have your breath taken away when visiting the High Atlas, popularly known as the mountain of mountains, a paradisiacal place to visit and be amazed by the beauty of it. This country offers nothing but a unique culture, including the best of cuisine and landscapes.

  1. México

What’s better to relax than going to the beach and receiving a message? That’s why México is in our top 3. If you are looking for an amazing and luxurious experience, you should definitely visit the beaches that this country has to offer, including one of the best ones in the world in Tulum, México. This country was even one of the first ones to reopen its borders to American travelers. You will be amazed by their beautiful culture and landscapes. 

  1. Qatar

It was not for nothing that Qatar was named the richest country on earth. Here you will find nothing but the best and most glamorous hotels, including Hyatt, Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis, just to name a few. This country is the anthem of a luxury experience. Just by seeing its variety of landscapes you can tell that it is a country that offers everything from beaches to a futuristic sky-scraping city to have a truly amazing experience. And not to mention it’s one of the safest countries in the world.

  1. Greece

Apart from his beautiful and historical capital. Greece has another top destination to visit during covid times, nothing less than the island of Milos, offering jewel-colored waters and a dozen beaches to visit, leaving you speechless by their beauty. A truly amazing island that makes you want to be outdoors all day long. It offers the tranquility and beauty of Greece’s famous islands, without having to worry about large crowds. 

There you have it! This is our top 5 destinations list, truly a challenge to list with so many beautiful destinations. Are you still doubting where to go for your next vacation?

Remember that Maison Maj makes it possible for you not to worry about anything for your next vacation, just with a phone call to +1 888-803-4448 we will take care of the planning, booking and commodities and we will provide with 24/7 assistance even after you arrive at your destination for anything you may need during the trip. Stop postponing your next vacation. Contact us now. 

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